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Vitamins I Take (and WHY)

Vitamins are a huge trend right now, especially when you’re dieting and cutting things out of your diet it’s important to get all of the nutrients your body needs!  I started taking vitamins as a kid because I have low iron. Low iron, for me, means that I have poor circulation to my hands and feet (and I’m ALWAYS cold), I bruise really easily, and I’ve only been able to give blood once in my whole life.  I started off pretty basic with a multi-vitamin but as I started to learn more about vitamins I started to add more on until I was taking like 10 different things that I thought I needed. It was not good. After lots of trial and error I’ve finally got it dialed down to a list of vitamins that I take every day, and here it is: Continue reading “Vitamins I Take (and WHY)”

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Dear Fitness Industry: Stop Using Body-Shaming Ads

Have you ever seen a fitness ad and felt bad about yourself afterward? These ads show someone who is overweight and obviously upset about it. Usually, it’s a woman because the media treats female bodies as objects to sell products with, so if the body is not what society has deemed to be “perfect,” then it is looked at as unacceptable. Now more than ever, women are pressured to have bodies that are only attainable if you’re a genetic goddess or can afford plastic surgery. And even celebrities with the most “perfect” bodies are criticized because there is no way for any living person to meet every requirement for what the media calls perfection.  Continue reading “Dear Fitness Industry: Stop Using Body-Shaming Ads”