Full Work Out – Leg/Glutes Day

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I grew my glutes (and legs but mainly my glutes) really fast.  Women ask me how I did it all the time and I don’t feel like I’ve been able to give a really good answer until now.  This is literally what I did this morning and it was more glute/quad focused but I still hit hamstrings.  One thing you’ll notice throughout the workout is that I tend to lift heavier with fewer reps when there is a focus on my glutes and lighter with more reps on quads/hamstrings.  This is because I don’t want my legs to grow at the same rate, I want my glutes to bulk faster than my other muscles.  I put the whole workout first and descriptions/explanations below so you can take it to the gym! You guys asked for it so here it is – my full leg day workout.

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Vitamins I Take (and WHY)

Vitamins are a huge trend right now, especially when you’re dieting and cutting things out of your diet it’s important to get all of the nutrients your body needs!  I started taking vitamins as a kid because I have low iron. Low iron, for me, means that I have poor circulation to my hands and feet (and I’m ALWAYS cold), I bruise really easily, and I’ve only been able to give blood once in my whole life.  I started off pretty basic with a multi-vitamin but as I started to learn more about vitamins I started to add more on until I was taking like 10 different things that I thought I needed. It was not good. After lots of trial and error I’ve finally got it dialed down to a list of vitamins that I take every day, and here it is: Continue reading “Vitamins I Take (and WHY)”

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Dear Fitness Industry: Stop Using Body-Shaming Ads

Have you ever seen a fitness ad and felt bad about yourself afterward? These ads show someone who is overweight and obviously upset about it. Usually, it’s a woman because the media treats female bodies as objects to sell products with, so if the body is not what society has deemed to be “perfect,” then it is looked at as unacceptable. Now more than ever, women are pressured to have bodies that are only attainable if you’re a genetic goddess or can afford plastic surgery. And even celebrities with the most “perfect” bodies are criticized because there is no way for any living person to meet every requirement for what the media calls perfection.  Continue reading “Dear Fitness Industry: Stop Using Body-Shaming Ads”


Healthy Smoothies on a Budget!

Eating healthy on a budget is so hard and all of the recipes on Pinterest and Instagram cost a ridiculous amount. I don’t know about you but I can’t afford to spend $8 on a bottle of juice!! Lucky for us, smoothies are a really easy thing to do on a budget and they can still be just as healthy!

First of all, don’t mess with buying superfoods or organic stuff. That’s great if you have the money for it but if you’re on a budget it’s not necessary. You can also avoid name brands! The store brand is just as good, especially when it comes to frozen fruit. The things I “splurge” on for my smoothies are fresh bananas and protein powder (but I buy that anyway for my workouts). You don’t even need juice if you have protein powder!! Mix it with water and you’ve got liquid for a smoothie. My other big tip is to buy in bulk if you have space. An 8 oz. bag of fruit costs about $4 or $5 but a 40 oz. bag costs $12 (at Target! Other stores are even cheaper). That’s way more smoothie for your money! And don’t worry if you’re buying mixed fruit, it’s easy to pick through the bag if you want a specific fruit flavor in your smoothie (like strawberry banana). Look for the store brand too, fruit is fruit and it doesn’t matter if it looks perfect because you’re about to blend it up into a smoothie!!

Building a smoothie is really simple: all you have to do is start with a base and then add flavor and liquid. I try to pack as much protein as I can into my smoothies so I use greek yogurt as a base and a protein shake as my liquid. You can switch these out for regular yogurt and juice or milk but it won’t fit your macros as well. Follow these simple steps to pick a base, flavor, and liquid for the perfect smoothie: Continue reading “Healthy Smoothies on a Budget!”


Workout Gear that I Love

I’m all about workout gear because what’s the point of going to the gym if you look gross, right? While it is totally fine to go to the gym in a giant college t-shirt on days when you’re feeling bloated as heck, having the right gear makes a big difference in how you feel during and after the workout. Breathability, support, and overall comfort are so so important!! Having sweat-soaked fabric stuck to you feels awful and having to constantly adjust your leggings sucks, not to mention the risk of wardrobe malfunction mid-squat.

I’ve tried a bunch of ~instagram~ brands but I have a few that I wear constantly, and they’re not awful for your budget!  Here are my favorites with my review of them, click the names to link to their websites…

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Starting Your Fitness Journey

It’s New Years resolution time!!! The hardest part about getting in shape is getting started, which is why big goals like New Year’s resolutions don’t usually stick.  When you set a goal you need a PLAN, otherwise a year from now you’ll be looking back wondering what if. Make 2018 a year for accomplishing your goals!! Even though it seems like a simple change getting fit is actually a pretty big lifestyle adjustment! Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away, and remember to listen to your body because it’s better to go at your pace than to push too hard and get hurt!! For me it took almost 3 months to graduate from step one to step two and that’s totally okay! Take it at your own pace and appreciate your little victories, it’s more important that you stick with it than move through it quickly. Here’s my (almost) foolproof plan to kick off your fitness journey: Continue reading “Starting Your Fitness Journey”

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The Dos and Don’ts of Bouncing Back From Holiday Eating

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, full of friends, family and an endless supply of food. Even if you were really focusing on being healthy, you probably ate more calories in a few days than you normally would in a week. I know I’m guilty of this! It happens every year, and it’s almost unavoidable (my mother’s house is COVERED in cookies). But it happened, so stop making yourself feel like a horrible human for having your cookie and eating it too. Let’s talk about the dos and don’ts of how to bounce back from it in a healthy way:

Do: Lay off the sweets now that the holiday is over!! I know this is tough – I used to justify it by telling myself that it only comes once a year but it came and now it’s gone. I’m not saying to avoid leftovers completely, just remember that you don’t need a cookie with it!

Don’t: Keep eating like it’s the holidays and tell yourself you’ll stop after New Years! You probably won’t actually stop after New Years, unhealthy habits form really quickly and they’re so hard to break. If you’re like me and have a sweet tooth you must have some self-control between Christmas and New Years, otherwise it’s way harder to bounce back from and you’ll spend months trying to lose the pounds you picked up in that week.

Do: Get back to the gym!! You heard me, once the holiday fun is over you need to get back to your fitness routine. Habits are hard to form and easy to break so don’t throw away all of your hard work by not going for a few weeks!

Don’t: Push yourself too hard in the gym to lose those “holiday pounds” I hate when I see people so obsessed with dropping two pounds they think they gained over the holidays that they spend hours on the elliptical and almost die. It’s not healthy, it’s not cute, and it’s probably not going to be super effective because you’ll be too exhausted to go consistently.  I fully support stepping up your workout but this may not be the best time to do it. Get back into the swing of things first!

Do: Focus on your eating schedule! Everyone has an eating schedule (whether you realize it or not) and that eating schedule probably changed over the holidays. I eat on an intermittent fasting eating schedule where I get all of my food in 8 hours of the day and fast for the other 16, but over the holidays I ate for a longer period of time.  My first step in bouncing back has been to get back to my 8/16 routine because my body is used to this and it forces me to eat healthier to get all of the nutrients I need in a shorter period.  So if you eat three meals a day with no snacks then get back to that and stop snacking, if you’re a six small meals type of person then shrink your portion sizes.

Don’t: Starve yourself I hate this method of weight loss where people think that by not eating much, or at all, they can drop pounds and get to their goal weight. It’s not healthy, it’s not sustainable, and it’s the beginnings of an eating disorder.  I’ve dealt with eating disorders and can tell you from personal experience that it is not something you want to mess around with.  I know you want to fit into your NYE outfit, but I promise you that no outfit is worth it.

Do: Drink lots of water!! With all of the holiday beverages and caffeine to keep you going through family Christmases, you probably didn’t drink a ton of water over the holidays. Drinking water is so important for curbing cravings (which is a big deal when you’re surrounded by cookies). It also helps with the “you’re not hungry you’re just bored” phenomenon, so if you’re getting weird snack cravings grab a big glass of water instead!

Don’t: Be that person who complains about their diet 24/7 We all know that person and there is no place for that nonsense in the holiday season. I know it’s hard to say no when everyone else is eating cookies but a simple “no thank you” is way better than letting your entire family know about how fat you think you are and how few calories a day you think you should be eating. And if you’re having a full conversation about how hungry you are but you’re ‘watching your calories right now’ then you need to rethink your diet because clearly this is not working well for you!!

Do: Take the time to enjoy your break and spend time with the people who matter to you!  If you have to choose between the gym and spending time with your people, choose your people. You can’t do this fitness journey by yourself and you need the people in your life as your cheerleaders so SPEND SOME QUALITY TIME WITH THEM!!! Don’t be one of those people who lives in the gym if that means missing out on quality time with the people you love. You have to be a whole person, not just a fitness fanatic!