Full Work Out – Leg/Glutes Day

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I grew my glutes (and legs but mainly my glutes) really fast.  Women ask me how I did it all the time and I don’t feel like I’ve been able to give a really good answer until now.  This is literally what I did this morning and it was more glute/quad focused but I still hit hamstrings.  One thing you’ll notice throughout the workout is that I tend to lift heavier with fewer reps when there is a focus on my glutes and lighter with more reps on quads/hamstrings.  This is because I don’t want my legs to grow at the same rate, I want my glutes to bulk faster than my other muscles.  I put the whole workout first and descriptions/explanations below so you can take it to the gym! You guys asked for it so here it is – my full leg day workout.


  1. Stretch (I focus on my hamstrings and quads for this)
  2. Glute activator – Donkey kicks/Fire Hydrants
    1. Superset 10 donkey kicks each leg with 5 fire hydrants each leg, do this 2 times
  3. SQUATS – I like to do sumo squats, especially on days when I’m targeting glutes.  
    1. Start with 12 squats with just the bar to warm up
    2. Then do 3×10 (or to failure), adding weight each time (I went 20, 25, 30 on each side today)
    3. Finish by doing squat pulses to failure at a lower weight (I do 10-15 on each side)
  4. Lunge Pulses
    1. 8-10 pulses each leg, 4 times through. I used 12.5s in each hand for this but you can do it unweighted if you want
  5. Hamstring curls
    1. 12 reps, 4 times through.  I tend to go lower weight on this and move faster. I’m not trying to bulk a ton in my hamstrings but I want the lean muscle to lift my butt!
  6. Weighted glute bridges
    1. 10 reps followed by a 10-second squeeze and hold at the top, do it 4 times through increasing your weight as you can! (I did 90,100,110,110 today)
    2. This one is kind of weird but if I could pick one workout that made the biggest impact on my glutes, this would be it!!!
    3. I use the leg extension machine because I don’t have a good padded bar set up in my gym.  Just swing it out and wiggle underneath it!!
  7. Leg extensions
    1. 12 reps, 4 times through at a moderate weight.  Just like the hamstring curls, you’re not trying to bulk here, just build leaner muscle!
  8. Finish with 5-7 minutes on the bike!
    1. I like to put my resistance at a moderate level (6-8) and keep my RPM above 90! I usually go 1.5-2 miles.



Stretching – I grew up as a dancer so I typically do my dance stretches.  Start easy with a wide stance toe touch (feet a little more than shoulder width apart) and rock your hips back and forth to stretch your hamstrings.  Then go into a runners lunge.  I usually pulse my lunge and pop up to a straight leg stretch to make it more dynamic.  Then put your back knee on the ground and grab your toe to stretch your quad.  Repeat this on both legs.  I like to finish with a half pigeon pose on each leg to stretch my hips because they’re pretty tight and I find that I can squat better when I stretch them first!!


Glute activator – This is an extra warm-up for your glutes but it’s also a mental thing.  If you can focus on your glutes early in the workout then it’s much easier to do a mind to muscle connection later in the workout and really hit your glutes hard!


Squats – I’m not an expert in squat form but there are a lot of people out there who are if you have more questions about this!! has an awesome form tutorial! The reason I weight it the way I do (build up to max) is because I find I can lift more this way.  The idea of starting with the 30s freaks me out and if I don’t think I can do it then I definitely can’t.  Instead, I build up to it and focus on how it’s not that hard yet and I can totally add more weight! It’s a mental game but it works.  I also choose sumo squats over standard squats because I want to put more focus on my glutes.  Finish with the pulses to burn out your glutes! Focus on the squeeze on the way up and at the top in each squat!


Pulsing lunges – I hate training single legs too hard, I have bad knees (thanks, ballet) and I feel like I’m not as effective.  This move is nice because it allows me to focus on one leg without putting all of my weight on it. Pulses are effective because they keep tension on the muscle you’re working for the whole set.


Hamstring curls – I use the machine for this, a lot of Instagram people will hold a dumbbell between their feet but I feel like I’d drop it and embarrass myself.  The machine is just as effective!


Weighted glute bridges – okay this one needs some explaining.  Basically what you do is you set the leg extension machine as far out as you can (I use a 4) so you can rest it on your hip bones. Press your shoulders/upper back against the seat and your feet into the ground, then push your hips up so they’re in line with your knees and shoulders, squeezing your glutes.  Each thrust up is 1 rep! After the last rep, hold the position for 10 seconds while squeezing your glutes to burn them the same way you did with the pulsing lunges! If this doesn’t make sense check out the video on my Instagram – @emrazzfitness!!!! 


Leg extensions – move the machine back in and sit on the seat this time! Try to hold for a second at the top and go back down slowly to increase the tension in your muscles.


Cool-down – a lot of people think I’m crazy for doing the bike on leg day but I’ve actually found that it helps to loosen up my muscles and makes them less sore the next day!! Foam roll too if you’re feeling tight, you’ll appreciate it later on!


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