Workout Gear that I Love

I’m all about workout gear because what’s the point of going to the gym if you look gross, right? While it is totally fine to go to the gym in a giant college t-shirt on days when you’re feeling bloated as heck, having the right gear makes a big difference in how you feel during and after the workout. Breathability, support, and overall comfort are so so important!! Having sweat-soaked fabric stuck to you feels awful and having to constantly adjust your leggings sucks, not to mention the risk of wardrobe malfunction mid-squat.

I’ve tried a bunch of ~instagram~ brands but I have a few that I wear constantly, and they’re not awful for your budget!  Here are my favorites with my review of them, click the names to link to their websites…

Image result for fabletics

FABLETICS: This is my favorite, especially when I’m looking for something with fashion and function. Kate Hudson’s brand is so stylish and if it’s your first purchase you can get 2 pairs of leggings for $24!! I’m a VIP member (it’s actually free and you get really amazing deals) and I literally live in my Fabletics leggings. They are 100% as good as expensive brands like Lululemon! I also like their workout tops and sports bras, they’ve got some great built-in bra tops. Make sure to read the garment details though because some things fit tighter than they look! It’s also important to look at the level of support because the bras range from low to high and it’s a very different fit. If you’re doing cardio, make sure you have a high support product. My only complaint about their tops is that the removable cups tend to remove themselves in the wash. Take them out before washing or risk losing one!!


Image result for gymshark

GYM SHARK: I literally only wear my gym shark leggings on leg day. They’re not the most comfortable but they’re really squat-proof and so high waisted that I never have to worry about them doing that terrifying legging slide thing (we all know the feeling, it’s so scary!!). This is something that I’d recommend getting one or two pairs of leggings from but not your whole workout wardrobe because my leggings from there have not held up super well (I’ve had them for 4 months and they’re already fraying a little in the inner thighs). My other complaint about this brand is that they’re not the most flattering leggings, the two-tone patterns make you look sweat-stained and they don’t have great tummy control.  It’s a fun brand to be involved with, their social media is amazing and they have really awesome Spotify playlists if you’re looking for something new to power your workout!


Image result for danskin

DANSKIN: You probably haven’t heard of this brand, it’s one of those hidden gems that is super affordable and works really well. I discovered it years ago because I grew up as a classical ballerina, but they have a whole line of athletic wear!! You can get it online or at Walmart (I know…  but hear me out because these are amazing). The fit is good, the sports bras are really supportive and hold up just as well as my more expensive ones, the tanks are really breathable without looking sheer, and the leggings are sweat-proof. Make sure to buy high-waisted because they move a little tiny bit but they’re way better than the Instagram brands at the same price! A lot of them actually have a string in the waistband so you can tighten it if you’re curvy and worried about them sliding around!!

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